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Past Unicorn Ceilidhs

Date Band Caller Interval Spot
Sunday December 31st 2023 Oxford NAGS Barry Goodman  
Friday December 8th 2023 Diatonics Fee Lock Hammersmith Morris Men
Friday November 10th 2023 Chalktown Sheena Masson Appalachian Herts
Friday October 13th 2023 The Jigalots Polly Dare Letchworth Morris
Friday September 8th 2023 Geckoes Barry Goodman Whitchurch Morris
Friday May 12th 2023 Panjandrum Gordon Potts New Esperance Morris
Friday April 14th 2023 Junction 24 Andy Rouse Golden Hare Morris
Friday Martch 10th 2023 King Kontra String Band Adam Hughes Phoenix Morris
Friday February 10th 2023 Brown Boots Erin Mansfield Sutton Masque
Saturday December 31st 2022 Banter Barry Goodman  
Friday December 9th 2022 The Hosepipe Band Mary Panton Rockhopper Morris
Friday November 11th 2022 The Cock and Bull Band Fee Lock Baldock Midnight Morris
Friday October 14th 2022 3 Sticks Sheena Masson Red Cuthbert Morris
Friday May 13th 2022 Frog on a Bike Andy Rouse Granta Blue Morris
Friday April 8th 2022 The Tonic Chris Rose Golden Hare
Friday March 11th 2022 Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer Bob Morgan Tappalachian
Friday February 11th 2022 Granny's Attic Barry Goodman Peterborough Morris
Friday 12th November 2021 Bosun Higgs Ian Nichols Rockhopper Morris
Friday 8th October 2021 Geckoes Alan Simpson Lisa Heywood and friends
Friday 10th September 2021 Gloworms Jane Bird Sutton Masque
Friday 13th March 2020 King Kontra Adam Hughes Sutton Masque
Friday 14th February 2020 The Bristol Ceilidh Quartet Jethro Anderson Tappalachian
Tuesday December 31st 2019 Jigfoot Barry Goodman  
Friday December 13th 2019 Chalktown Jane Bird Hertfordshire Holly
Friday November 8th 2019 Hosepipe Band Adam Hughes Stevenage Sword
Friday October 11th 2019 Valiant Dance Band Sheena Masson Ceroc Spirit
Friday September 13th 2019 The Cock and Bull Band Barry Goodman  
Friday May 10th 2019 The Old Chapel Band Will Hall Golden Hare Morris
Friday April 12th 2019 English Contra Dance Band Mike Courthold Tappalachian
Friday March 8th 2019 The Pigeon Swing Andy Rouse Phoenix Morris
Friday February 8th 2019 Urban Folk Theory Barry Goodman Riseley Roughshod
Monday December 31st 2018 Banter Barry Goodman  
Friday December 14th 2018 The Jam and Crumpet Band Mary Panton Brafront Guizers
Friday November 16th 2018 Random Nick Walden Letchworth Morris Men
Friday October 12th 2018 Melobo Jane Bird Kerry's Cloggers
Friday September 14th 2018 The Hosepipe Band Barry Goodman  
Friday May 11th 2018 The Tonic Gordon Potts English Miscellany
Friday April 13th 2018 Vertical Expression Andrew Swaine Hertfordshire Holly
Friday March 9th 2018 The Valiant Dance Band Aidan Hansell Baldock Midnight Morris
Friday February 9th 2018 Oxford Nags Sheena Masson Rockhopper Morris
Sunday December 31st 2017 Geckoes Barry Goodman  
Friday December 8th 2017 Take the Biscuit Lisa Heywood Tappalachian
Friday November 10th 2017 Banter Fee Lock Ickwell Green Morris
Friday October 13th 2017 The Cock and Bull Band Barry Goodman Phoenix Morris
Friday September 8th 2017 Monty's Maggot Polly Dare Ramrugge Clog Morris
Friday May 12th 2017 The English Contra Band Rhodri Davis Kerry Fletcher's Appalachian Cloggers
Friday April 21st 2017 Bursledon Village Band Barry Goodman  
Friday March 10th 2017 Jigfoot Ian Nichols Gog Magog
Friday February 17th 2017 English Rebellion Peter Giles Brafront Guisers
Friday January 13th 2017 Bullenbush Band Adrian Turnham Baldock Midnight Morris
Saturday December 31st 2016 Banter Barry Goodman  
Friday November 11th 2016 Chalktown Sheena Masson Sutton Masque
Friday October 14th 2016 The Watch Bob Morgan  
Friday September 9th 2016 Hosepipe Band Barry Goodman  
Friday June 24th 2016 Fat Harry Adam Hughes Phoenix Morris
Friday May 27th 2016 The Cock and Bull Band Mary Panton Letchworth MM
Friday April 29th 2016 Monty's Maggot Barry Goodman Tappalachian
Friday March 18th 2016 Melobo Jane Bird Redbornstoke Morris
Friday February 26th 2016 3sticks Mary Panton Baldock Midnight Morris
Friday January 29th 2016 Abella Barn Dance Band Andy Rouse  
Thursday December 31st 2015 Simon Care Trio Barry Goodman  
Friday November 27th 2015 Panjandrum Gordon Potts  
Friday October 30th 2015 Valiant Dance Band Barry Goodman  
Friday September 25th 2015 Diatonics Lisa Heywood  
Friday June 26th 2015 The Pigeon Swing Barry Goodman  
Friday May 29th 2015 Threepenny Bit Phill Moxley Gog Magog Molly
Friday April 24th 2015 Fendragon Alison Giles Redbornstoke Morris
Friday March 27th 2015 The Hosepipe Band Adam Hughes Rockingham Rapper
Friday February 27th 2015 Random Barry Goodman English Miscellany
Friday January 30th 2015 Chalktown Sheena Masson Red Cuthbert
Wednesday December 31st 2014 Liam Robinson Dance Band Liam Robinson  
Friday November 28th 2014 Geckoes Alan Simpson Stevenage Sword
Friday October 31st 2014 Albireo Lisa Heywood Wicket Brood
Friday September 26th 2014 Simon Care Trio Cat Kelly Baldock Midnight Morris
Friday June 27th 2014 Panjandrum Gordon Potts Letchworth Morris Men
Friday May 30th 2014 Ethel's Cats Alison Giles Kerry's Appalachian Cloggers
Friday April 25th 2014 The New Slide Alex Cumming Old Mother Redcaps
Friday March 21st 2014 Tickled Pink Barry Goodman Rockhopper Morris
Friday February 28th 2014 Haddo Liam Robinson Rockingham Rapper
Friday January 31st 2014 Frog on a Bike Band Lynn Smith The Brafront Guizers
31st December 2013 The Watch Barry Goodman  
Friday 29nd November 2013 Gloworms Liam Robinson Gloworms
Friday 25th October 2013 Coproliters Andy Rouse Redbornstoke Morris
Friday 27th September 2013 Captain Swing Mike Griffiths Tappalachian
Friday 28th June 2013 Liam Robinson Dance Band Liam Robinson Letchworth Morris Men
Friday 31st May 2013 Diatonics Gordon Potts St Neots' Sweeps & Milkmaids
Friday 26th April 2013 The English String Band Barry Goodman Redbornstoke Morris
Friday 22nd March 2013 Hekety Nick Walden Baldock Midnight Morris
Friday 22nd February 2013 Random Alan Simpson Woodside Morris Men
25th January 2013 Fendragon Adam Hughes Gog Magog Molly
26th November 2012 Climax Ceilidh Band Hannah Bright Pirton Appalachian
26th October 2012 Time of your Life Barry Goodman Phoenix Morris
28th September 2012 Simon Care Trio Adam Hughes Moulton Morris
29th June 2012 Peeping Tom Andrew Swaine Rainmakers
25th May 2012 Panjandrum Gordon Potts Old Mother Redcaps
27th April 2012 Captain Swing Mike Griffiths Bedfordshire Lace
30th March 2012 Jigalots Cat Kelly English Miscellany
24th February 2012 Triptych Barry Goodman Rockhopper Morris
27th January 2012 The Watch Sheena Masson Brafront Guisers
31st December 2011 Chalktown Emma Wooders Bershire Bedlam
25th November 2011 Gloworms Phil Bassingdale Woad Works
28th October 2011 Simon Care Trio Barry Goodman Boots 'n' Banjos
30th September 2011 Polkaworks Dave Hunt New Esperance Morris
24th June 2011 Laughing Gravy Barry Goodman Redbornstoke Morris
27th May 2011 Stömp Liam Robinson Grand Flamenco
29th April 2011 Malthouse Passage Sheena Masson Gog Magog Molly
25th March 2011 Aardvark Ceilidh Band Pete Grassby Phoenix Morris
25th February 2011 Katie's Quartet Bobbie Ritchie Baldock Midnight Morris
28th January 2011 Florida Chris Pitt St Neots' Sweeps & Milkmaids
31st December 2010 Quinn, Hansell & Kiddier Sheena Masson Windsor Morris
26th November 2010 English Rebellion Adam Hughes Wicket Brood
29th October 2010 The Brookfield Band Adrian Besant Woodside MM
24th September 2010 Chalktown Pete Rees Tappalachian
28th June 2010 Time of Your Life Barry Goodman Outside Capering Crew
28th May 2010 Moondance Dave Townsend Old Mother Redcaps
30th April 2010 The Watch Sheena Masson Pirton Appalachian
26th March 2010 Geckoes Alan Simpson Stony Steppers
26th February 2010 Simon Care Quartet Gerald Claridge Phoenix Morris
29th January 2010 Random Barry Goodman Bedfordshire Lace Morris
31st December 2009 Stömp Liam Robinson Whitethorn Morris
27th November 2009 Cock & Bull Band Pete Rees Hertfordshire Holly
30th October 2009 Fendragon Barry Goodman Baldock Midnight Morris
25th September 2009 Stick Shift Adam Hughes Young Miscellany
26th June 2009 Boldwood Jackie Allen Letchworth Morris Men
29th May 2009 Aardvark Ceilidh Band Pete Grassby English Miscellany
24th April 2009 Asha Jackie Allen & Dave Jolly St Neots' Sweeps & Milkmaids
27th March 2009 Mr Gubbins' Bicycle John Kirkpatrick Whitethorn Morris
27th February 2009 Katie's Quartet Bobby Ritchie Wicket Brood
30th January 2009 Time of Your Life Barry Goodman Verulam Rapper
2nd January 2009 Peeping Tom Nick Walden Gog Magog
28th November 2008 Gloworms Cat Kelly Rockhopper Morris
31st October 2008 Mawkin Barry Goodman Grand Flamenco
26th September 2008 Laughing Gravy Phil Bassindale Stony Steppers
27th June 2008 Chalktown Adam Hughes Pirton Appalachian Group
30th May 2008 Boldwood Jackie Allen Phoenix Morris
25th April 2008 Laughing Gravy Barry Goodman Al Amar - Egyptian Dancers
28th March 2008 The Watch Sheena Masson Tappalachian
29th February 2008 Laughing Gravy Malcolm North Bedfordshire Lace
25th January 2008 Climax Ceilidh Band Gordon Potts  
31st December 2007 Stömp Adam Hughes Brafront Guizers
30th November 2007 Moondance Liam Robinson Old Mother Redcaps
26th October 2007 Acoustivarks (Acoustic Aardvarks) Pete Grassby Baldock Midnight Morris
28th September 2007 Laughing Gravy Andrew Swaine Bedford Gallery Quire
14th July 2007 (ROTW) Laughing Gravy Barry Goodman  
29th June 2007 Asha Dave Jolly & Jackie Allen Redbornstoke Morris
25th May 2007 Laughing Gravy Hugh Rippon  
27th April 2007 The Woodpecker Band Matt Green Windsor Morris
30th March 2007 Laughing Gravy Fee Lock Stevenage Sword
23rd February 2007 Stömp Adam Hughes Woodside Morris Men
26th January 2007 Fendragon Andrew Swaine Brafront Guisers
31st December 2006 Random Barry Goodman Wicket Brood
24th November 2006 Florida Gordon Potts Rainmakers
27th October 2006 Laughing Gravy Malcolm North Baldock Midnight Morris
29th September 2006 Tickled Pink Gordon Potts Rockhopper Morris
30th June 2006 Grand Union Barry Goodman Letchworth Morris Men
26th May 2006 Laughing Gravy Graham Avery  
29th April 2006 The Bismarcks Rachel Causier Weston Appalachian Group
31st March 2006 Peeping Tom Martyn Harvey Shore Tars Rapper
24th February 2006 Coproliters Bob Adams Sweeps & Milkmaids
27th January 2006 Laughing Gravy Sheena Mason Stony Steppers
31st December 2005 Time of Your Life Barry Goodman
& Fee Lock
Gog Magog Molly
25th November 2005 All Blacked Up Barry Parkes Phosphorus
21st October 2005 The Gloworms Cat Kelly Wicket Brood
30th September 2005 Laughing Gravy Hugh Rippon Baldock Midnight Morris
24th June 2005 Hekety Pete Rees Phoenix Morris
27th May 2005 Laughing Gravy Phillipa Spencer  
29th April 2005 Stömp Hugh Rippon Wawel Polish Folk Dance Group
25th March 2005 Laughing Gravy Mick Brooks "Pace Gravying"
25th February 2005 Chalktown Nick Walden Redbornstoke Morris
28th January 2005 Coproliters Malcolm North Whitethorn Morris
26th November 2004 Laughing Gravy Barry Goodman Blackmore Morris
29th October 2004 English Rebellion Phillipa Spencer Aldbury Morris Men
24th September 2004 Laughing Gravy Fee Lock Hertfordshire Holly
25th June 2004 Laughing Gravy Pete Coe Wicket Brood
28th May 2004 Laughing Gravy Bob Adams Bedford Morris Men
30th April 2004 Fendragon Sheena Mason Sweeps & Milkmaids
26th March 2004 Laughing Gravy Pete Grassby Windsor Morris
27th February 2004 Random Mick Brooks Bedford Gallery Quire
30th January 2004 Laughing Gravy Graham Avery Ashwell Mummers
28th November 2003 Laughing Gravy Barry Goodman Bedfordshire Lace
31st October 2003 The Posh Band Bobbie Richie Standon Morris Men
26th September 2003 Laughing Gravy Malcolm North Ramrugge Clog Morris
27th June 2003 Laughing Gravy Graham Avery Baldock Midnight Morris
30th May 2003 Hosepipe Band Phil Lyons Bellydancing by Georgina
25th April 2003 Laughing Gravy Mick Brooks Redbornstoke Morris
28th March 2003 Aardvark Ceilidh Band Pete Grassby Wicket Brood
28th February 2003 Asha Bob Adams Percussive Steping by Ross Allen
31st January 2003 Laughing Gravy Barry Goodman Brafront Guisers
22nd November 2002 Laughing Gravy Mick Brooks Rockhopper Morris
18th October 2002 Stocai Chris Pitt Stevenage Sword
20th September 2002 Laughing Gravy Malcolm North Gog Magog Molly
21st June 2002 Laughing Gravy Graham Avery Sweeps & Milkmaids
31st May 2002 Fiddlin' Around Hugh Rippon Letchworth Morris Men
12th April 2002 Laughing Gravy Barry Goodman Bedford Morris Men
22nd March 2002 Chalktown Mick Brooks Wicket Brood
15th February 2002 Laughing Gravy Jan Guyatt Wawel Polish Folk Dance Group
21st September 2001 Laughing Gravy Barry Goodman Redbornstoke Morris
29th June 2001 Moondance Michael Catovsky  
25th May 2001 Laughing Gravy Graham Avery  
27th April 2001 Cheap Jack Andrew Swaine  
23rd March 2001 Laughing Gravy Barry Goodman  
28rd February 2001 Laughing Gravy John Warren  
26th January 2001 Laughing Gravy Malcolm North  

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